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Forum » Game Info » Luna Online News & Events- Any question post it here » The use of dragon bone pieces
The use of dragon bone pieces
nadaDate: Tuesday, 2009-09-29, 11:35 AM | Message # 1
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I asked around a couple of times about it but everyone said they had no use yet.

This may be true, but after reading up a little in the crafters corner on the gpotato luna forum i did found out there use or else there will be use.

read the following quote

(8 Powders)
Mysterious Powder, Oil, Fairy Tears, Moonlight Crystal, Dragon Bone Fragment,
Rune-Engraved Powder, Legendary Powder, Cruciate Powder

(8 Essence)
Mysterious Powder x1 + Oil x1 -> Magic Powder
Magic Powder x2 -> Spirit Powder
Fairy Tears x1 + Magic Powder x2 -> Fairy Dust
Moonlight Crystal x1 + Spirit Powder x2 -> Moonlight Essence
Dragon Bone Fragment x1 + Fairy Dust x2 -> Dragon Essence
Rune-Engraved Powder x2 + Dragon Essence x1 -> Rune-Engraved Essence
Legendary Powder x5 + Rune-Engraved Essence x1 -> Legendary Essence
Cruciate Powder x7 + Legendary Essence x1 -> Cruciate Essence

Dragone Bone Fragment (this will be Dragon Bone Piece if u ask me) together with 2 fairy dust (which u can make from 2 magic powders and those very rare tears of spirit) makes 1 dragon essence.

So anyways dragon bone pieces are used if i understand it correct for the next levels of
crafting rings, earrings and necklaces. So if u don't have reds. Or just like to keep boosting
your magic defense. Keep collecting those dragon bone pieces u'll need them later.

I'll test tonight if u can craft dragon essence already

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CeilidhDate: Tuesday, 2009-09-29, 8:16 PM | Message # 2
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Hey, thanks Fie for posting this! I have often pondered whether or not to keep the little suckers when my inventory starts looking a little full. biggrin
Forum » Game Info » Luna Online News & Events- Any question post it here » The use of dragon bone pieces
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