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Parallel Truths (Title not Finalized)
DaiDate: Sunday, 2009-08-02, 3:40 AM | Message # 1
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My first post will be a teaser of my new story... how odd... but either way, I can't remember who was it I asked about how this story will go (in-game I mean) at the alliance, but this is the result of that o_o... so.. without further waiting, the teaser!!!

-Chapter 0: Right and Wrong-

I can't be always right.

But I have done nothing shameful

As I slice the jugular of an assassin sent after me, I keep on thinking as I let my body dance its well rehearsed staccato of death.

Is killing this person right? Is fighting for this side I am on the right thing to do? Am I on the right side?

Even then, am I really right? Just like how the world saw Hitler as the mass murderer, it is treated as the universal truth. So am I really fighting for such a 'universal truth'?

I back flipped out of a barrage of magic arrows as I gather my own energies for a blast of my own.

I guess I can only believe that what I am doing is right.

I mold and shape the energies I gathered to 10 balls in an array around me. Saggitta Magica! Series Lucis! I shouted out as the orbs burst into 20 light arrows, and smites my enemy to a mist of blood.

I have to keep on believing that every life I take, every action I do, is for the betterment of everyone. To choose my side and go with it, no matter how dirty I get in the process.

That's the only way I can live as a true human.

-Chapter 0, end-

MirajaneDate: Sunday, 2009-08-02, 7:08 AM | Message # 2
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Wow that was a teaser!!! it was awsome cant wait too read the whole thing biggrin
DaiDate: Tuesday, 2009-08-04, 1:29 AM | Message # 3
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-Chapter 1: Breaking of peace prt.1-

"Are we ready?"

"Yes sir, the area is isolated, a second ward has been placed around the perimeter of the property and is set to engage and destroy the protective wards that the Organization errected in this property." a woman standing to the left of a robed figure answered to his question. Dressed in a dark brown form fitting robe and hood, runes are glowing on it by the residual magic she is exerting to create and power up the ward she created.

"The explosives?" he asks the woman to his right.

The woman, dressed in tight black and red clothes, a regular person would deduce that she is a ninja, the mask she wears on the bottom half of her face further cements that asumption. Her purple hair, pulled to a long ponytail, does not interfere with the set of rectangular boxes she is fiddling around with, with 2 tubes of different colored liquid stuck to each one. She looks up to the figure and responded: "They're almost ready, this last one just needs to be... nope, all ready, sir."

"Good. Command, this is Sicon. Team Liminality is ready to engage. Requesting status of containment team outside of containment ward." the figure asked as he powers up, a blood red aura flaring up around him, making his black-as-night robe flap, and blood red runes flare up.

After a few moments, the earpiece that is on his left ear flared to life. "Sicon, this is Command. All Containment teams are primed and ready. Noone will be going in or out of your field of operation. Team Liminality, you are cleared to start the operation anytime." a radio controler answered.

"Thank you command. Operation Start. Miya, break down the ward."

"Breaking down the ward..." Miya responded as she raises her hands, commanding the ward she erected to go against the ward protecting the Mansion and the Mansion's property. The resulting clash makes it seem like the sky and everything around them are bathed in a sea of exploding fireworks, the energies valiantly trying to destroy the other. However, ultimately, the protection ward colapses with a bang.

"Go." orders the Sicon to Cresella, who nods and disappears

"Miya, hold on." the Sicon says as he taps the ground with his foot, activating a spell array that he drew on the ground earlier, bathing both him and Miya in a glow of red. Then, with a flash, they disappear.

=Location: Mansion: Study Room=

Ornate, antique, and filled with books could describe the Study Room, currently occupied by 20 people armed with P90s, 8 people in robes, and a man sitting down behind an ornate dark wood desk, waiting patiently.

"Are you sure you can protect me? If I have known that associating my self and my partners with you will result in this, I would have not-" the man behind the desk got interupted by a robed person.

"Trust us, even if they broke through the ward, they won't be able to get to you." the robed man assured as he pulls out a communicator.

"Jenkins, status report." he commanded.

"Nothing much sir beyond the ward breaking, I am ready to call it all cl- GUAHRK!" Jenkins got cut off, the sound of metal to flesh and blood spurting could be heared through the communicator.

"Hey!" the man behind the desk shouted. "what is going-!!!!" a series of large booms went off, shaking the entire building.

"Shit! Everyone, be on alert!" the robbed man ordered through the communicator. All the answer he gets are cries of pain, blood, curses, and doom...

-Chapter 1, prt. 1, end-

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